Tax Matters

Every member needs to provide their own NZ IRD number and most members should also supply tax rates. Providing you give us the right information you won’t need to include your Whai Rawa income in any tax returns to Inland Revenue; we’ll make sure the correct amount is deducted from your Te Rūnanga contributions and your earnings.

Work out your Retirement Scheme Contribution Tax rate now

Work out your Prescribed Investor Rate now

More information for NZ tax residents

Find out about how tax is calculated and deducted on your Whai Rawa income and what information we need from you. Find out more.

More information for non NZ tax residents

If you are not a NZ tax resident you will get the most benefit by having a NZ IRD number. If you don’t have have one, join Whai Rawa anyway, and we can help you get one afterwards! Find out more.

Unsure whether you are a NZ tax resident? Call IRD on 0800 228 884 or +64 4 978 0767, contact them online to ask for a determination, or find out more.

Government Benefits and Tax Credits

Here’s some information information about government benefits and tax credits and Whai Rawa.

3 Responses to “Tax Matters”

  1. Kia Ora
    I have opened a WhaiRawa account for my granddaughter (Member No. 089547) recently. She is only 2 years old and lives in Australia. Should her PIR be set at 28% and should her RSCT be 33%. As she is only 2y she does not work so she does not have an IRD number so I can’t supply one. You should have my IRD NO. as my account no. is 040943, if this is helpful and I am the person who is putting in the money for my granddaughter.
    Also what does RSCT stand for please?
    Many thanks
    Jennifer Hansen

    • David says:

      Kia ora Jennifer,

      I’ve emailed you directly some links from our website on what tax rates should apply to Australian residents (including child members) and also how we can help you to get a NZ IRD number for your Granddaughter. Whai Rawa member’s generally get the best out of their accounts by declaring correct (PIR and RSCT) tax rates with an IRD number. I hope this helps.

      Ngā mihi

    • David says:

      Kia ora Jennifer, hopefully you received the email sent directly to you in response to your query. Nā, David.

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